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October 25, 2011

The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

Filed under: Photography — admin @ 7:45 pm

Ingenious: a camera that takes a 360º panorama when thrown in the air.

October 14, 2011

The Shrine of Apple

Filed under: Apple,Geekery,Photography — admin @ 6:27 pm

The Shrine of Apple is a wonderful site with the aim of showcasing every Apple product through fantastic photography.

Have a read through the process they go through when adding new products to the site. It sounds like a real labour of love.

September 7, 2006

Observer commercial seeds of change

Filed under: Photography — admin @ 10:11 am

The Observer’s ‘Seeds of Change’ photography competition received some great entries. ‘Is he dead?’ by John Roberts is just great.

July 3, 2006

More Camera Toss

Filed under: Photography — admin @ 11:25 pm

Following on from a previous post (available here) I had a go at tossing my camera in the air with a timed shutter to see what I got. It was a lot harder than expected!

For a start, the camera shut off the first few times. I’m guessing the innards don’t like being hurled around too much! I did eventually manage to time the throw right so that the camera took a shot as it was in the air, but the results were mainly sky.

So I tried a different tack: putting the camera face up on a smooth table and spinning it. That didn’t really work, all I got were slightly blurry pictures of me looking expectantly at the camera! So I’ve discovered my technique needs a lot of refinement, but it was encouraging to get even just one result. Not a decent one by any stretch of the imagination, but at least it wasn’t a total abject failure!

I hope to have another go soon at some more tossing techniques (anyone arriving from Google having just searched for that term, I apologise for the total lack of porn on this post).

June 30, 2006

Camera Toss

Filed under: Photography — admin @ 8:59 am

Camera Toss is a really interesting idea involving throwing your camera up in the air and having it take a shot. It sounds a bit reckless, and I’m sure there’s been many an episode of people not catching their cameras (which would make the resulting photos even more precious surely!) but the results are amazing.

Leaving the shutter open for up to 2 seconds and throwing your camera at light sources, in open spaces or just around any interesting geometric shapes seems to throw (no pun intended) out these great shots.

There’s a whole Camera Toss community, with instructions on how to take the pictures and a set of ‘guidelines’ which will dictate whether your shot gets into the Flickr pool or not.

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