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May 3, 2012

Making ATMs more fun to use

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This is great –there are ATMs in London that offer cockney rhyming slang as a language option.

[Ron Delnevo] maintains that it makes it more fun for people to use cash machines and that it also creates a conversation piece. So a speckled hen becomes £10, a cab rank is a bank, and sausage and mash is cash.

Ismat Ullah never understood why people laughed as they walked away from the cash machine situated in front on his convenience store in East London’s Commercial Road, until somebody explained to him the intricacies of cockney rhyming slang.

“I am glad to hear about people walking away from the machine laughing because that is how we want people to react to it,” Mr Delnevo says.

“At the same time it helps foster a bit of British culture.”

December 4, 2011

Simple Branding

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A nice overview of the Simple (formerly BankSimple) brand. What I did not know is that the icon is a guilloche:

[…] a complex pattern created from simple, repeated, geometric steps defined by elementary equations. It’s this easily generated, difficult to reproduce intricacy that has led to a guilloche appearing in some form on most of the world’s currency.

November 3, 2011

Square Card Case

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Square just keeps on innovating:

So once you opt-in one time to the geofencing feature in the app, when you (and your phone) are within 100 meters of a Square merchant you can simple [sic] walk into the store, say your name at checkout and you are good to go with the payment. You don’t need to pull your phone out at all or open the app.

Like I said, the future of payments isn’t going to involve little bits of plastic.

September 17, 2010

Cards of the future?

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Mashable have an interesting article on the future of bank cards. The article is worth a read and the video is definitely worth a watch. In it you see someone demoing the ‘next generation’ of bank cards, ones that have dynamic numbers and PIN input.

I’m not convinced this is the future of payments. The convenience of cards is in their ease and speed of use — this disappears as soon as the user has to do more than present the card and sign. Imagine standing in line at a Starbucks and having to tap in a PIN to generate your card number so you can pay for your Americano. You’re going to hold a lot of people up.

I don’t think the future of payments involves little bits of plastic.

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