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December 8, 2012

One Year Back in the UK

Exactly one year ago today we landed back in the UK after more than three years overseas. We spent just over two years in Chicago and 8 months in Australia and feel very lucky to have been able to experience two new countries.

I remember sitting in the lounge at Melbourne Airport on the phone to Telstra, trying to release us from our 24-month contract. It was the last loose end that required tying before we left Australia.

We arrived back in the UK on Thursday 8th December 2011 at 1.30pm to be greeted by a very happy set of grandparents-to-be (and auntie & uncles-to-be). Our daughter was due in early March so we only had around three months to get ourselves settled & our home prepared. I spent most of December and January redecorating our flat with my dad whilst Sap gradually acquired the many, many things we needed for our impending addition to the family. We finally moved into our home in mid-January and awaited our new arrival.

Mia arrived a week early and changed our lives. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of new experiences & emotions. It’s clich├ęd but true — your children grow up so quickly. Time passes in an accelerated fashion and you only realise significant chunks have passed when you look back.

August 28, 2012

My daughter is six months old today

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My daughter, now six months old

Above: Amelia prefers wearing spinach to eating it

Time flies.

April 4, 2012

Five months in six paragraphs

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The past five months have passed by in a blur. As a favour to my future self, here’s what’s gone on.


Sap & I moved back from Australia just before Christmas last year. There was much that needed doing before, during and after the move, so Christmas and New Year passed in a slurry of flying, settling in, buying baby/house things/a car. Before we knew it we were into a new year.


Much the same as December. A flurry of decorating to get our flat ready for us to live in after having it occupied by a stranger for three years. Walls were filled, sanded & painted; paintwork was redone; carpets were laid; furnishings were bought. We finally found a car and rediscovered the joy & freedom a car brings. We moved into our flat on the 18th January.


Most of Feb was spent assembling our nursery & living room furniture and buying the last few bits & pieces for the impending arrival of our little bundle of noise. We finally finished everything on Saturday February 25th.

Amelia Rose Walsh came into the world on Tuesday 28th February at 11:53pm (so close to being a Feb 29th baby!). There’ll be a separate post on this which I’ll wilfully backdate to the Feb 29th. It’s what my future-self would want.


Although it’s only just ended, March feels like a long time ago. My paternity passed in a blur and I went back to work on the 14th, incredibly sad to be away from our daughter but secretly relieved at the structure my workday regave my life. The two weeks I was off just after the arrival of Amelia were the strangest of my life — days and nights mushed into one, I lost track of which day was which. Going back to work gave my subconscious the steer it needed to understand when the daytime was and what days were what.


It’s only four days old but April has already brought springlike weather and some isn’t-it-tempting-to-think-it’ll-stay-like-this structure to Sap & Amelia’s days and nights.

This post has been hastily written whilst having a cup-o-tea, so future-self — don’t be too harsh.

March 29, 2012

Proudly Introducing Amelia Rose Walsh

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Introducing Amelia Rose Walsh

Above: Amelia Rose Walsh, just a few minutes old

Proudly introducing Amelia Rose Walsh, who came into the world at 11.53pm on the 28th February 2012 weighing 8lbs 2oz. Most definitely the most amazing day of my life.

So far.

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