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January 8, 2013

How wrong I’ve been

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Upon re-reading my last post about where Pep Guardiola might end up managing later this year, I thought it worth giving some additional context to my thoughts based on previous predictions I’ve made. And gotten wrong.

I said that Michael Schumacher wouldn’t return to F1. He did.

I said that Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t sign for Mercedes for the 2013 season. He did.

I said that Massa wouldn’t be at Ferrari in 2013. He’s going to be.

I said that Brendan Rodgers would only last one season as manager of Liverpool. Well, that one is still winnable.

So take it with a pinch of salt. What I said might come true. My track record suggests otherwise though.

The return of Pep

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From the Guardian:

Pep Guardiola says that he will return to coaching next season but insists that he has not yet decided where. The former Barcelona coach has become the most sought-after manager in Europe, attracting interest from Chelsea and Manchester City among a number of other clubs, but is currently on a sabbatical in New York. Speaking at the Fifa Ballon d’Or awards in Zurich he confirmed for the first time that he will go back into management.

Given the managerial roundabout that is Chelsea, one wonders why anyone would want the job there. And as for City, if it’s money we’re talking about, why are PSG not mentioned too?

I think Pep’s smarter than this. My money is on Mourinho returning to Chelsea in the summer and, longer term, Guardiola being installed as Sir Alex Ferguson’s replacement at United.

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